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DIY Flooring Project - Installation & Cleaning



All Star Rents has a variety of tools and equipment for your flooring cleaning and installation projects. From carpet to tile to wood floors…we have you covered! (See also our Flooring Projects - Repair & Removal information sheet.)

Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

The drum style floor sander is ideal for heavily worn or damaged floors. It’s aggressive style will repair cupped boards, deep scratches or areas damaged from water. Care must be taken when using these sanders. An edger sander is used along with the drum sander to get along the walls. Click here for more information.

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

The Orbital Floor Sander (aka: SquareBuff) is a great option for floors that are generally in good shape but are ready for a new finish. They are far less aggressive than the drum sander but with a heavy grit paper they can remove the old finish and prepare your floor for a new coat. The square size means you will not need an edger…but you should remove the base boards before sanding.

Another great application for this sander is wood decks. Much better than pressure washing a deck (which can damage the wood) the orbital sander will do a great job. Watch our YouTube Deck Sanding video.


Carpet Installation & Cleaning

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

We rent a complete assortment of tools for installing carpet…or for re-installing carpet after dealing with a flooded area. We have stretchers, irons, chisels and knee kickers. Click here for more information

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding  Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

We rent a better grade of carpet extractor than the grocery store models. This results in cleaner carpets and less dry time. We have both "self contained" and "hose and wand" styles at most locations. You can also rent an upholstery tool and get couches and chairs done at the same time!


Tile Floors & More

Ceramic, linoleum, VC? We’ve got tools and equipment to install, clean and maintain these floors too!

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

We rent tile saws for cutting ceramic tile for the floor…or walls. Some locations have the larger units designed for up to 24" tiles. Installing ceramic tile is a very easy do-it-yourself project and our tile saw makes the job so much easier than a "scribe" type cutter. You will get cleaner, more precise cuts with much less waste. Learn more about tile projects.

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

We have 13” and 17” floor machines. They are primarily designed to be a cleaning machine. We have three different pads for tile floors – Black for stripping, Green for scrubbing and white for polishing. They are a low speed style which makes them easy to handle and good for these applications. They are not designed for high polishing or spray buffing.

Flooring Projects - Wood Floor (and Deck) Sanding

Linoleum rollers are a must when installing vinyl “sheet” flooring. They create a better bond and remove air bubbles.


Rental Information & Instructions

Click below to access the available rental options for your nearest location in our equipment catalog. You can find equipment instruction sheets under each product’s detailed listing or click HERE for an alphabetical listing of all instruction sheets.